Max Arcanie

Trick or Die

Enter the Simulation

Enter the Simulation

This is my version of Paul Curry's classic Out of This World effect.

Enter the Simulation is based on Paul Harris' and Wyman Jone's effect Galaxy.

My handling is very logical and allows you to display the red and black cards in a very natural way.

It's also self-working and super easy.

"The sequence feels as if one were to do this for real."
"It's fantastic! Great touches and subtleties, very deceptive, and very clearly explained. Each time I felt like I was amazing myself! I have seen and performed quite a few handlings of OOTW before, but this is by far the best."
"I LOVE it! I will actually use this handling; it's very, very good!"
"Wow... that’s is truly wonderful! I’ve always liked the idea of performing OOTW, but up until now, I’ve never found a handling that fits my performance requirements."
"Love it! This is awesome, a brilliant simple idea elevates this already brilliant effect to new heights!"
"Your handling of OOTW is certainly one of the most interesting I have seen in a long time."
"You have devised a simple and elegant solution to creating a more balanced and logical display of the red and black cards - this is great thinking. Well done!"
"I typically shy away from card tricks, but I will absolutely use this!"
"It’s a brilliant approach to such an old effect, made clearer and in my eyes more entertaining."
"As others have said, this is superb and very well explained....If I perform OOTW this will be my go to version."
"Your handling is worth knowing and far surpasses many others."