Max Arcanie

Trick or Die

Mind Melting Opener

Mind Melting Magician

This is a mental magic version of the classic "The Chicago Opener".

The two things I tried to accomplish with my version is that the both selections would be done the same way, and the deck wouldn't be shuffled during the effect.

I wanted to be able to retain a stack for the subsequent effects, so that the effect would really work as a great opener.

"Super simple and well within the reach of the average card guy. There’s a great continuity with the selections. Great thinking!"
"I like the creative handling/method, including, but not limited to, the apparent fairness of the selection processes. It is refreshing how you have given this classic a raison d'être by imbuing it with more of a mentalism theme. The piece is very clearly written and explained. Well done!"
"Well written and a very good way to do a trick many of us continue to do. It has all that is needed to breathe a fresh idea, a different and logical way to have the cards selected with both fairness & consistency. Plus the added bonus for those that may want to keep the deck in a particular order will appeal to many."
"I have MMM in my regular rotation. I love it because I use a memdeck and want to keep it preserved. It consistently gets great reactions!"
"Well done! It's so logical, I really like it!"